February 4, 2019

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December 18, 2018
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May 13, 2019

How much is your time worth?

A common misconception when it comes to social media is that it’ll be cheaper for you to do it yourself, however, sometimes this calculation does quite stack up.

How much do you charge per hour to your customers? The average hourly rate, let’s say for a plumber, is around £30 per hour, so how many hours would you need to put into social media each week to do the post design, find the appropriate post imagery, write the post content, research the audience (inc. hashtags) and post the content on a single social media platform approx. 3 times per week, every week?

For argument sake, perhaps 1 hour a week? So actually, in reality, that’s costing you £30 per week, £130 per month! As that’s what you would have charged the customers had you used that time to carry out a job for a customer.

Wait…there is another way…

Why not let a social media management company take care of that for you at a fraction of the cost? They have the right equipment, they have the right imagery, they have the content ideas and they have the resource to cope with the volume needed to produce the content in order to sustain a good social media presence and deliver your business messages.

It may surprise you, but here at Kioo we can produce your social media content & manage it for as little as £69 per month* for the example given above. This will include; post design, post content, post scheduling, audience research (inc. hashtags), reporting on key metrics and all the advice you can soak up.

Easy to understand…

We find that the ‘costs from…’ statements can be quite misleading, so we’ve developed a simple grid that details the pricing depending on the level of social media management you need for your business, take a look and see if any of our packages suit your needs.

That said though, don’t be put off by these set packages, there are designed to make the choice easier, as we also understand the individual needs of customer and that’s why our initial contact is face to face. We don’t charge for this meeting, so you’ve got absolutely no risk attached to getting in touch.

We also don’t send any old sales person out, the meeting is with our managing director, who has nearly 30 years’ experience in marketing and has been working specifically in the digital marketplace for nearly 20 years – so you can be guaranteed that the advice will be born from knowledge & experience.

What’s Included?

Targeting of key Business Messages:

  • What is a key business message? It could be an event, a product, a specific service, an offer or any key messages uncovered in our initial meeting.
  • We will target between 1 and 3 business messages depending on the package you feel appropriate for your business.

Targeting of Social Media Platforms:

  • Involves posting your key business messages across multiple social media platforms.
  • What platforms are included? You can choose from either one or a combination of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn – up to a maximum of 3 platforms.

Targeting of Post Designs & Content:

  • We understand that repetitive content is not viewed well by the social media platforms and could potentially harm your chances of being found, therefore, we ensure that content is not posted more than twice in a month.
  • We will draw up designs for the ‘image’ part of the post, this could be as simple as branding the post with your logo or a full designed image with key message or pricing.
  • We will write the content for each post on your behalf, including the presence of the key business message, relevant hashtags and tagging of individuals or businesses that you are collaborating with.

Download full brochure and price list here