May 17, 2017

Reflecting our customers’ business needs

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May 12, 2017
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June 30, 2017

This is the moment we have been waiting for! You would have heard the phrase “It’s like a builder’s house…it’s always their own house that is the last to be worked on”, well that sums our situation up perfectly.

We’ve been busy quietly building a business on the outskirts of Plymouth and in the last three years we’ve had three office moves due to expansion, hence ‘Builders house’ scenario. However, it now seems we have found our home (until the next time!) – we are located 30 secs from the A38 in Lee Mill, near Plymouth, which allows both ourselves & our clients to easily reach our offices, whether travelling Plymouth bound or Exeter bound.

Anyway, back to the post, what’s it all about…. We felt it was time show you our new brand, including; a new logo, new services and a new website! The team here at Kioo are extremely knowledgeable in all things marketing, design, photography, digital & PR and between us I reckon we have nearly 100 years’ experience…in marketing terms anyway! But even without combining the figures, you are still looking at 10-30 years+ experience in each of our respective disciplines. Therefore, we feel perfectly placed to help businesses of any size from across our region and further afield, to get the most from their marketing.

We have 5 core areas that we focus on at Kioo, they are; Marketing, PR, Image, Design & Digital – this includes everything from social media management & app development to creative design & professional photography, so in a nutshell, everything you need to ensure your marketing is highly effective.

The word Kioo is from the Swahili language and this holds dear to the heart of our MD, Leon Theisinger, who regularly travels with his wife Michelle to Kenya to support young children who crave education, but can’t afford to go to school. Leon & Michelle believe that one of the only true ways to change the future of countries like Kenya, is through the education of its up and coming talent.

So, what does ‘Kioo’ mean? Kioo means “Mirror, Glass or Looking Glass” and no matter how you cut it, this explains our approach! Our motto and business strapline (which isn’t new) is “Reflecting your business needs”, so this directly refers to the ‘Mirror’ and we believe sums up exactly what we do for our clients.

But if you take a closer look, the other meanings also make perfect sense…’Glass’ refers to Kioo being “a glass half full” and never “a glass half empty” organisation. Finally, there’s the ‘Looking Glass’ and this refers to when we research a business to devise your marketing strategy, “everything is put under the looking glass” and every detail is considered.

So now you know a bit about us, please take time to have a good look through the website and see what we do in more depth…I think you’ll find that our approach to sharing what we do is very different to the norm, particularly obvious when you look at our ‘Client Work’ section, an area that will be regularly updated, so you can see what were up to.

We’d also love to keep you up to date through our social media, so right at the bottom of this page you’ll find our social media icons…click on the link to follow us and we promise you get information and updates from us that will benefit you & your business.