May 12, 2017

Print v Digital for your business?

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May 12, 2017
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May 12, 2017

Personally, there has always been something rather nice about picking up a well-designed, printed magazine or brochure and flicking through the pages. That’s probably just me as I have always had a bit of an obsession with paper, pens and anything stationery, but over the past decade or so our love affair with print has declined significantly due to the boom in consumers switching to digital.

There are advantages to both mediums and if the content is relevant & engaging, the trick is maintaining and building your audience whilst attracting those with ever decreasing attention spans, this way your message will get to the right people regardless of the platform.

Print is a leisurely past time, digital is more reactive. Remember the Sunday morning papers? There was a time when it would take you a week to get through the supplements that were present inside some of the Sunday tabloids, flicking past the adverts and perhaps engaging with them from time to time. Not at all like consuming digital, where we are constantly bombarded by targeted adverts popping up based on your browsing history.

This digital way of reading makes it so easy to start discussions, which builds a higher reader engagement and accesses a wider audience. Social media for your business is imperative, it is the instant attraction to your products or services and a much quicker way to reach your target audience, but once you have that hook, depending on your business, do your customers want something more tactile from you?

As a business, we find that our design must cater for both print & digital. Items such as business cards are clearly still essential and brochures still prove popular with many. Recently we have come across great examples from high-end restaurants that produce fancy design & print items, using all sorts of print processes on funky paper. So, does this make print fashionable when Michelin starred restaurants are doing it? Probably not, but it makes it exclusive, so are we back to the need for the premium feel of printed material for your business?

We think businesses are far from dismissing print over digital any time soon, there is definitely a place for both in industry and maybe it’s more a case of how we use print and digital to support each other.

Publishers need to think about what their digital customer wants and needs, they need to create a point of difference between their various platforms – the challenge is playing to the platforms individual strengths.  I read somewhere recently… “If your digital magazine is just an electronic version of your print publication, you’re wasting a big opportunity!”

For expert advice or help relating to the design requirements of your business we are always available to lend a helping hand, so please contact us and we’ll get started.