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December 9, 2019
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February 10, 2020
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Wheeltec Website & Photographic Portfolio


Web development & Photographic services

This project was a pleasure from start to finish. Working with Rob and his fantastic team at Wheeltec we went about photographing and documenting the processes from start to finish in the refurbishing, diamond cutting and painting of damaged alloy wheels for a brand new website and portfolio of images.

The quality of work and attention to detail at Wheeltec is truly phenomenal and the approachable, friendly and professional service is second to none. The nature of their work is extremely visual so great photos of beaten and battered rims and their stunning transformations are a must. Combining those with a varied selection of the team at work, the wide range of wheels, finishes and the beautiful vehicles that were in and out of their unit, we soon amassed a varied portfolio of images to be used throughout their new website and for future marketing promotion.

Take a look at a selection of images and visit them over at to see more of the fantastic work they do!

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