A Salon Called Fish
March 15, 2017
Bandvulc Group
April 2, 2017

Glazebrook House Hotel


At the Glazebrook House Hotel, the owners and the kitchen have been working hard to reinvent their set lunch offering to create the perfect combination of quality and value, and how better to entice diners than by producing images of the incredible food that’s leaving the kitchen? 

The typical English weather is far from ideal most of the time, but makes for perfect conditions in many areas of photography, especially when shooting food. The cloudy and overcast sky naturally softens light coming through to the kitchen and eliminates any need for diffusers or reflectors, meaning a whole lot more time shooting and infinitely less time faffing, therefore creating great value for our client.

Rather than just shooting a final plate, it’s preferable to create a narrative with images, whether that’s showing the stages of making and baking bread or the plating up each element of a dish, it’s about capturing the journey as the dish evolves. With these narratives, the images then lend themselves nicely to being paired up to create a diptych or as a series of three to create a triptych (any more than three and you’re not being selective enough with your images). By getting creative and putting images together in this rather more artistic manner, tends to inspire more of a response and invites a higher level of intrigue and interaction when shared online, and of course, vitally important when you’re working on marketing a client.

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