The Treby Arms
February 1, 2016
Bandvulc Group
July 4, 2016

Glazebrook House Hotel


The constant talk about Brexit, the announcement of the general election and of course expense of the school holidays for some, was always going to make April a tricky month for many businesses, however, we continued to grow our clients’ social media.

In particular, we worked hard to ensure that the Glazebrook House Hotel maintained a high level of ‘bums on seats’ in their amazing restaurant for both lunch and dinner throughout April and mixture of organic and paid social media campaigns certainly did the trick! Over 119,000 paid impressions and over 51,000 organic impressions, led to nearly 900 audience engagements!

But it doesn’t stop there… remember, we must get people talking about you too… well, that’s where the 65,000 viral Impressions come into play, these are the number of impressions we generated from a story created by your users about the Glazebrook’s page. To top it off, we achieved a 71%+ increase in audience engagements – so this short ‘reactive’ campaign, really was a huge success!!

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