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Curtis Whiteford Crocker are different, but that's easy for us to say, after all they are one of our clients. However, we wouldn't just say this because it's what our client wants to hear...we truly believe they are different! So, at Kioo we felt it was incredibly important that their marketing approach reflected the difference between them and their competitors.

Firstly, we set to work to understand their business, along with the needs they had in order to develop & grow their business. Sounds simple doesn't it? But when you add to the mix the various different aspects of law that need to be covered and the expertise each of the senior partners have, this can sometimes be very tricky.

Therefore, as part of the new website, we took each partner within CWC Solicitors and profiled them as an individual, along with demonstrating the expertise they have in their field of law. We also wanted to show that not everything surrounding law is boring (just take a look at the images and headlines throughout the website or the images & videos used on their social media platforms, like here on Facebook).

We also set to work to bring the whole business, including the partners, together as one (after all their strap line is #CWCStrongerTogether), this meant developing a collaborative approach between them and their business. To do this we have used Twitter and whilst this will form just one part of the plan, we know it will be vitally important in helping them to build their individual profiles within each of their respective sectors of law and highlighting the extensive knowledge of the practice as a whole.

We don't want to take too much away from these guys and would prefer you just go & take a look at their new website or perhaps visit / follow them on Twitter or Facebook, this way you can see for yourself why we believe CWC Solicitors are different!

Our work with CWC Solicitors includes: Marketing, Social Media Management, PR, Design, Photography, Website build and Website Management.

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