December 18, 2018

Kioo’s Social Media Marketing Tool

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July 10, 2017
Social Media Management Packages
February 4, 2019

Manage your social networks, schedule messages, engage with your audience, and measure ROI from our all-in-one dashboard.

Here at Kioo marketing we’ve got your perfect social media management tool at an exceptionally affordable price… whether you’re starting out and looking to manage your social accounts on your own or with your team, we’re offering a fantastic range of different packages so you can either go it alone or empower your team and collaborate to create a seamless, cohesive strategy.

Centralise how you manage social media 

Create content and analyze your social media efforts for key networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Add blogging platforms to draft articles, and use a variety of useful integrations like Canva to further streamline how you manage your accounts

From Chaos to Clarity with social inbox

No more jumping between different social streams. Get only the social updates you need, instead of a flood of unwanted messages. See which team members have already taken action and what still requires attention.

Streamlined Scheduling & social media publishing tools

Plan, schedule and publish posts, images and videos to multiple social networks simultaneously using our powerful compose box.


Get all this and so much more from just £49 per month or choose one of our social media packages where we’ll take the strain for you and create a winning strategy to make sure your business is seen in its very best light.

See the packages here and get in touch today to have a chat!