May 12, 2017

Design Challenges

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May 12, 2017
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May 12, 2017

Whatever you are designing there are always a set of challenges and this will get even more difficult in the future as the design world becomes a more saturated place. Computer Arts recently did a survey which you’re welcome to read through, but here are our responses to the top 14 challenges:

Just like Baden Powell said: ”Be prepared”…

01. Working within fast turnarounds

KIOO: Sometimes with our clients we need to be reactive rather than proactive, which isn’t always a favourable place to be. However, if there’s a tight deadline, the fact that proofing design work via email to the client instantly, means we can make life an awful lot easier for them.

02. Balancing thinking with doing

KIOO: Design is more accepted these days as an important aspect to any business profile. We ensure that our clients are comfortable with its importance to the image and perception of their business.

03. Staying relevant

KIOO: We are constantly arming and updating ourselves with information and working out how we can use this knowledge to our clients’ best advantage, whether that be design fads and trends, or in the digital marketplace.

04. Adapting to technological change

KIOO: It’s always busy here…now where did I leave that pencil and sketchbook! Being forward thinking enables us to make sure that our clients are at the peak of their game. Recently we developed a phone app for a client to enable them to data capture visitors information at a critical annual event, his was rather than their normal data capture of the good old pen & paper.

05. Making great work

KIOO: The challenge will always be to keep up with latest technology and software, but at Kioo it will always be to make great design work for our clients and stay relevant.

06. Staying true to design fundamentals

KIOO: Whatever technology arises in the future, as long as the fundamental basics are done right, we can adapt to anything. At Kioo we have the skills to adapt to change, but the experience to do the basics well.

07. Having a holistic perspective

KIOO: We offer a multi-disciplined approach to the solutions of our clients, this means we ‘get’ them and their business.

08. Being unique

KIOO: Gone are the days when ideas came from natural inspiration rather than online ‘ideas’ pages. At Kioo we try as much as possible to think outside the box for our clients. Quite often putting our heads together to come up with the best solutions.

09. Being multi-skilled

KIOO: We pride ourselves on not only having the skills but being able to execute them to the highest standards.

10. Cultivating human experience

KIOO: Personally, we think design will do a 360 like all fashion. Everything will still be advancing from a digital point of view, but people will crave the original. Nowhere is this more obvious than typography fads and illustration styles. Keeping up to date is one thing, being original is something else. However, new interactive changing room screens are definitely enhancing the human design experience.

11. Encouraging new talent to aspire to greatness

KIOO: It’s a crazy world out there and finishing training as a designer can be immensely daunting. We have a mix of youth and experience in our office…it keeps it interesting.

12. Staying hungry for other design disciplines

KIOO: This applies to us on a daily basis, we regularly convert digital campaigns to print and vice versa.

13. Maintaining personal interactions

KIOO: Never would we embark on a brief without meeting the client first. You need to get a feel for their personality and understand their needs – what better way that by communicating verbally and face to face.

14. Finding the right clients

KIOO: Design in any marketplace should be valued. That’s why it’s an imperative part of our business. It is the core by which all our other services flourish. It aids marketing, PR, commercial photography and digital solutions.