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Tyre Catalogue

Bandvulc Tyres - Tyre Catalogue

Banvulc’s Tyre catalogue was a big project for us here at Kioo and the team within Bandvulc. From an initial meeting to delivery of the finished project we turned this mammoth job around in just over two months and there was an awful lot of elements that had to come together from quite a few people in order to achieve it…

One of the first jobs that needed doing was photographing the tyres required in the catalogue. This was a list of 25 tyres that each needed sourcing, cleaning up and photographing…

We’ve been tasked with many different product shoots in the past but lighting tyres is a precise art of its own that takes time to get just right. Each tyre needed to be shot at exactly the same angle, and rotated just right to display the tyre name in the same place each time. Different size tyres and different tread patterns need lighting ever so slightly differently in order to be able to highlight the contours of the tread and sidewalls effectively.

Once the shoot was over however, that’s where the fun began… each tyre needed further cleaning up on photoshop, bands of colour on the tread and rogue pips on the sidewalls needed removing and rims needed photoshopping onto the tyres. No mean feat when you’re doing 25 of them but the time and effort was worth it!

Beyond the product photography the design of the catalogue was one that demanded careful and creative consideration. How big or small would the tyres need to be able to suitably show them off while also fitting within their category? How much information is required in the tyre data specifications? And so on…

In paying close attention to the details it meant we were able to ensure we were making the most of the space available on each page, through introducing large eye catching images to the pages, each category stands out amongst the others and is instantly recognisable at a glance, through creative print processes the tyres stand out, shining on the page with a glossy, Spot UV finish upon the matte laminate of the page beneath.

Through creative design and high quality print processes we’ve ultimately been able to produce a stunning product that ourselves and the team at Bandvulc are proud to be showing off at meetings, pitches and exhibitions across the country. Take a look at the catalogue for yourself and if you could do with our design services be sure to get in touch.

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