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Bandvulc Branding Guidelines

Bandvulc Branding Guidelines

Branding Guidelines

When it comes to branding it pays to have everyone singing from the same hymn sheet, whether that’s staff within the business using the right fonts for notices & presentations or designers understanding the correct use of logos, layouts and colour palettes. The guidelines need to be clear and should cover various elements in good detail, covering every element of the company’s visual identity; from Logo composition to exclusion zones, colour systems, typography, tone of voice and so much more…

Creating a set of brand guidelines is a very exciting but time-consuming project for a designer, because it requires an incredible amount of thought and a comprehensive understanding of the business. However, there are several reasons why going to the effort of creating a set of brand guidelines is worth it.

Here we have the guidelines we’ve put together and updated for Bandvulc Tyres. There have been many changes within the company over the past few years and with those changes come new fonts, new use of logos, layouts for print material, stationary and so much more. Within the business the use of logos, fonts and various design elements had become confused and there was very little consistency from one department to another. These guidelines work to rectify that, providing a comprehensive manual for anyone who uses the brand and its components in their work, including employees, channel partners, designers and marketing agencies.

Why do we need Branding Guidelines?


Every time someone visits your website, sees your business card, or receives marketing material from your company, they receive a perception of your company outside of the content they actually consume. By having set rules and restrictions, it becomes possible to communicate a consistent brand identity.

Consistency is important in making your brand recognizable and reliable. It ultimately communicates that your brand takes pride in the details.

Setting Standards and Rules

Your brand guidelines are composed of rules on how to use your brand’s visual elements. These rules will include when to use a logo versus a wordmark, how to space the logo, and the hierarchy of color and typography. You probably know your brand’s identity inside and out, but a new employee may not. Brand guidelines are a valuable tool for your employees to keep your brand cohesive.


Keeping your brand consistent allows it to be more immediately recognizable within your industry and with your target audience. Building a recognizable brand can take a lot of time, but your brand can quickly be distinguishable by adhering to your brand guidelines.

Staying Focused

When introducing new products or services, a brand can get stretched too thin. By implementing brand guidelines, you have the tools to quickly and effectively maintain consistency. Brand guidelines help you aim your business’s interests with your intended audience.


When a brand’s identity is cohesive, it increases the brand’s perceived value. Consistency allows your brand to appear more professional and reliable. By implementing brand guidelines, you make it easier to maintain the quality and integrity of your brand’s image.

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